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The Good Samaritan Law in CT

  • 2011: A “Good Samaritan Law” was passed that protects people who call 911 for emergency medical services for an overdose situation from arrest for possession of drugs and/or paraphernalia. This protection is limited to the situation and does not protect someone from other charges or if there is a warrant out for his or her arrest. (Public Act 11-210)
  • 2012: The Narcan law allows prescribers (physicians, surgeons, Physicians’ Assistants, APRNs, and dentists) to prescribe, dispense or administer naloxone to any individual to prevent or treat an overdose. The prescriber is protected from civil liability and criminal prosecution. (Public Act 12-159)
  • 2014: The protection from civil liability and criminal prosecution was extended to the person administering naloxone in the case of an overdose. (Public Act 14-61)
  • 2015: This legislation allows pharmacists who have been trained and certified to prescribe and dispense Narcan directly to customers requesting it. The pharmacist is required to educate the person on how to use the Narcan. (Public Act 15-198)