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Types of Recovery Programs

Types of recovery programs include:

Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care

These programs embrace a chronic care management model for severe substance use disorders, which includes:

  • Longer-term, outpatient care
  • Recovery housing
  • Recovery coaching
  • Management checkups

Recovery Support Services

These services refer to the collection of community services that can provide emotional and practical support for continued remission. Components include:

  • Mutual aid groups (e.g., 12-step groups)
  • Recovery coaching
  • Recovery housing
  • Recovery management (checkups & telephone case monitoring)
  • Recovery community centers
  • Recovery-based education (high schools & colleges)

Social & Recreational Recovery Infrastructures & Social Media

These programs make it easier for people in recovery to enjoy activities and social interaction that do not involve alcohol or drugs. Examples include:

  • Recovery-specific cafes and clubhouses
  • Recovery-specific sports leagues
  • Recovery-specific creative arts program

Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse